A Lacey Style Roundup

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The scent of flowers is lingering in the air near the L.A. River, just outside of our studio. In the afternoon, the sun shines through the vintage lace shawls we have in some of our windows, and there is usually a little breeze that makes the fringe dance. It’s a romantic vibe up in here! Adding a touch of lace to any room adds a soft, airy feel but don’t stop there! Put that lace on YOU too boo!

We are so into lacey fashion for the spring season. It’s light, breathable, and flirty. The sheer nature is  the perfect balance between function and flair. It keeps you cool when you’re strolling through the flea market, but is cute enough that you can wear it out to dinner and drinks with your gal pals. Throw on a lace kimono, or some lace bell bottoms if you’re serving up an extra dose of boho realness! Not sure how to get some lace into your life? No worries! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite lace fashion for ya! Check out these lewks and let us know which one is your fave!

  1. Pommed Lace Cover-Up Dress
  2. ASOS DESIGN Lace Midi Swing Dress With Ruffle Hem
  3. John Zack Plus Lace Midi Dress With Cape Detail
  4. UO Juliana Lace Lace Turtleneck Dress
  5. Women’s Lace One Shoulder Illusion Midi Dress – Le Kate (Juniors’) Black
  6. Spanish Lace Bells
  7. Textured Lace Blouse

And check out our Textile Treasury all about lace!

Caitlin Watson Caitlin Watson

Being the In House Designer at Jungalow, I try to emulate what I love most in my life... color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful! You'll find me in studio, designing beautiful pieces and helping to make Jungalow shine!