An Enchanting Stay at Hotel De Tuilerieen Bruges

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As someone who usually meticulously plans every holiday, weekend away and long-haul adventure, I’m not normally one for last minute trips! But before Christmas, Andy and I booked a day off in the first week of January (because I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle a four day week…) and a couple of weeks ago we packed our bags and headed to Hotel de Tuilerieen for the weekend!

We couldn’t decide whether to go to Edinburgh, Prague or Bruges, and it took us until 27th December to actually choose – but I couldn’t be happier that we ended up going to beautiful Bruges!

After jumping on the Eurostar from St Pancras, and then a short train journey from Brussels to Bruges, we arrived at Hotel de Tuierieen.  Still dressed up for Christmas, as the twelfth day of Christmas hadn’t quite passed yet, it was a truly enchanting welcome to this cute, boutique hotel.

Hotel de Tuilerieen is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection, which if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I’m a huge fan of.  For our boutique weekend away I had booked a Royal Executive Room, a category of room which is situated in the historic wing of the hotel.

The room itself was a great size, giving us enough space to unpack, relax and have two small seating areas.  Decorated with beautiful, neutral colours it made an ideal space to come home to after a day of exploring chocolate box Bruges.

The room itself, as well as the rest of the hotel, had a wonderful charm about it; the decor depicted the hotel building’s 15th century origins but with all of the modern touches (like wifi, TV etc) that you would expect of an SLH hotel.

I loved that our room was split into two distinct areas, with a small seating area and wardrobe on the level as you walked in and the bed a few steps down. It wasn’t quite a suite, but for a room of its size it was perfect for a short city break.  One thing I would say, however, is we were very close to the housekeeping supply closet and so it’s not an ideal room if you’d like a lie in on holiday.

I was ever so slightly obsessed with the chairs by the window, with the lovely light grey fabric…

The hotel itself couldn’t be better located; there was nowhere we wanted to go that was more than a 10 minute walk from the hotel, including all of the main sites. We popped into Duke’s Palace but were satisfied that we had made the right choice as we preferred the Den Dyver location of Hotel de Tuilerieen.

…And it was close to all of the restaurants we wanted to visit, too!

I really liked the slightly whimsical canine portraits on the walls, which nodded to the hotel’s history but also brought a sense of fun to the room!

The marble bathroom was large enough for a vanity and separate shower and bath.

With the hotel’s own toiletries and vanity kit.

The hotel has a wellness area, with a small swimming pool and sauna, which is ideal to refresh after a day of exploring.  If you’re lucky with the weather (or not visiting in January!) the terrace at the back of the hotel is a lovely little spot for a quiet evening drink.

The lobby is tiled with simple yet stunning black and white tiles and illuminated by a beautiful chandelier, which only added to the enchanting feel of the hotel…

And you’re not alone if you think Hotel de Tuilerieen is the place to stay in Bruges, as the entrance hallway is lined with photographs of famous faces who have stayed there before you. I’m always a little bit nosy about who has stayed in a hotel before me – and so I was glad to be able to have a proper look here!

For a small, boutique hotel I thought that the communal areas were a real highlight.   The beautifully decorated lounge was a quiet little have to relax, unwind and enjoy a drink in front of the fire and the Christmas tree!

If you’re traveling with more than just one other person, it gives you an ideal space to sit down and relax.

If there’s one word to describe this hotel, it’s cosy.  When you arrive, there’s a feeling of being home, of understated sophistication and warmth.  And the place that captures this feeling the most is the bar.

It really is a tiny little bar, but it has so much warmth in it. With soft, velvet furnishings…

Comfortable chairs from which to enjoy the canal views…

It really is a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner (or before… or both!)

Or a mug of hot chocolate when the cold bites at your fingers!

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