Christmas at The Dorchester and Festive Wreath Making

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After our stay at The Dorchester last summer, I’ve completely fallen for The Dorchester hotel in London. The afternoon tea, our amazing suite, the gorgeous spa and restaurants and all topped off with the most wonderful service… You can see just why! And with it all lit up and decorated, I couldn’t wait to go back for a little Christmas at The Dorchester!

As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with a stunning Christmas tree… Well actually, you’re greeted with the main Christmas tree and nine other beautiful trees, all elegantly decorated by in-house florist Philip Hammond and his team.

But I think the showstopper for me was the incredible gingerbread hotel which is a replica of The Dorchester! Made of around 8,000 pieces of gingerbread and decorated at the back with suites which are as beautifully decorated as the real suites. It really is the most impressive gingerbread “house” I’ve seen!

Having visited The Spa at The Dorchester when we stayed, I knew just how beautiful the area is, and I was really excited to head back.  This time, we were in The Spatisserie, a really lovely private space which has the aura of calm and relaxation of the spa, whilst also making a really fun space for private events. If you wanted to make a real day of it instead of a private event, festive or not, a morning at the spa followed by afternoon tea or a light lunch at The Spatisserie would be perfect.

As I arrived crisp glasses of Laurent-Perrier champagne were poured…

And warm mince pies and scones were served… I’d rushed straight to an early Christmas at The Dorchester from work, and it was a wonderful welcome!

I think you’ll agree, it’s just the most beautiful space!

The Spatisserie had been transformed into a festive floral studio for the evening with wreathes already set up and ready to be decorated for our evening of learning how to make the perfect wreath with Philip Hammond.

After enjoying a glass of champagne with Angie and Gulia, we sat down at our very festive work stations to begin!

The hard work had already been done for us, as our blue spruce pine wreathes had already been put together! Philip recommends using blue spruce pine as it holds its shape really well and will last a long time.

We were decorating our wreathes in a very traditional fashion with pine cones, oranges and stunning red baubles. While Philip told us there were no rules, I was very glad he showed us his recommended way of decorating!

Starting with twisting the wire through each of the decorations, we heard all about Philip’s career and all of the exciting things he gets up to as the in-house florist at The Dorchester.

As glasses were topped up with cool Laurent-Perrier, our wreathes came together so beautifully! Keeping the wreath symmetrical and spacing the baubles equally and surrounding them with the other decorations gave them such a tasteful, classic look.

And at the end – all topped off with a Christmas ribbon! Though I will admit, I may have asked Philip to tie mine for me!

I’d resisted the mince pies as first arrived, and was really pleased when they were brought back out of the oven where they had been warming!

I hadn’t been feeling particularly festive until then, but if this is a taste of Christmas at The Dorchester, it’s something quite magical. Next year, I’ve promised myself I’ll be a little more organised and book their Christmas Carols Afternoon Tea!

My wreath is now hanging pride of place on my front door and it brings me a great big smile of happiness whenever I get to my front door!

To toast (just one more time!) to our festive evening, we headed to The Bar for cocktails and nibbles. I picked a Dorchester 75th, a wonderful blend of Tanqueray gin, nettle cordial, fresh mint, fresh apple juice and champagne. Along with a few delicious nibbles, it was the perfect end to the evening.

Sadly though, at some point I did have to leave… And headed home with a few mince pies, a beautiful wreath and a mind full of happiness, memories and festive cheer that has lasted me all through December! Christmas at The Dorchester really is something else – and something I want to experience again and again!

We were guests of The Dorchester for the evening, but all festive cheer is my own.

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