Good Vibes: Smudging

Retro Interior Design

by Sam Johnson 843 Views 0

It’s officially spring, which means it’s time to dust off those bookshelves, donate the clothes we haven’t worn for a while, and get rid of some of the stuff that has been weighing us down – literally and figuratively. Spring cleaning isn’t just a physical act, it’s also a ritual that can take many forms, depending on what part of the world you are in, your culture, or your vibe. One thing all spring cleaning traditions have in common is clearing and shifting stagnant energy. We love incorporating smudging into our spring cleaning here at Jungalow.

Smudging is the act of burning sacred plants, like sage, cedar, sweet grass, or palo santo, and allowing the smoke to clear the space of any energy that doesn’t feel good. Bad vibes – be gone!

You can create your own blend of herbs, plants, or flowers that you use to smudge your space – just consult your favorite herbalist (or the internet) to make sure what you have chosen is safe to burn. Then bundle everything up and wrap it with some twine. Open up those windows so there is plenty of ventilation before you start burning. Have a metal dish handy so you can place the bundle on it after you’ve lit it. As you light your smudge stick, focus on the smoke rising out of it and imagine it carrying away any unwanted energy, leaving room for good vibes only!

If you’re trying to get your smudge on, we have this cute palo santo kit in our shop. What herbs do you like to use when you smudge your home? And how do you feel after you’ve cleared the energy in your space?

Sara Rose