Interior Design Inspiration for Summer 2018

Retro Interior Design

by Sam Johnson 920 Views 0

With the worst of the weather finally behind us, let’s look ahead to some great interior design inspiration. Whether you are looking to refresh your bedroom with just a lick of paint, or you want to tackle your home more rigorously and replace furniture, there is something in this list for every project.

Light-Touch Renovations & Projects

You don’t need to have a big budget to bring new life to your room or home. You’ll be amazed what some paint and new accessories can achieve.

Refresh Your Walls

Sick and tired of your boring white walls? Or does a wall still sport a horribly bright colour that you have grown tired of? Add vibrancy to your living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom with new colour. Stay away from the brightest shades of colour, instead opting for muted tones and hues that will still liven up your room but won’t completely take over. Pick a colour that will complement your current colour scheme, which can include yellows, greens, or blues. If you have brightly coloured accessories, then a light grey could also be a great choice.

Upcycle Your Cabinets

If you don’t have the budget to redo your entire kitchen or bedroom then start small by ‘upcycling’ your current kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. Haggard-looking cabinets will look as new with a lick of paint and different handles. Transform a traditional kitchen to a modern one by replacing your old door knobs with stylish, stainless handles. Similarly, you can breathe new life into an older wardrobe or drawers with some new paints and handles. Don’t be put off by the idea that you have to sand everything down first – nowadays there is chalk paint that requires no prepped surfaces at all. Simply pick your favourite colour and get to work. For a new look, go for leather strap handles for a contemporary feel.

Bring in Some New Life

I’m not talking about a pet fish or cat; I am referring to some nice greenery and lush flowers. If you don’t have any plants or flowers in your living room, bedroom or kitchen, buy a small plant or some fresh flowers – you’ll be surprise how much it will brighten up your home. Peace lilies are great, beautiful plants, though if you have a cat, please note peace lilies are toxic to cats. If you want to spoil yourself and you don’t have a chance to pop to the shops, order yourself a gorgeous bouquet with a flower delivery service. Bloom Magic deliver throughout Ireland for example.

More Extensive Projects

If you have a bit more budget to spare, then there is plenty you can do to make it feel like you have moved into a new home without completely breaking the bank.

New Furniture

Replace that sofa that has seen better years or get that lounge chair you have had your eye on for a while – a new piece of furniture can do lots for a room, even when you are replacing your just one thing. A new sofa in a different colour will completely transform any sitting area as will a new dining room table or set. Don’t exclude shops like Ikea or The Range if you don’t have a massive budget. Catering to all budgets, tastes and styles, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll like that will suit your personal style.

New Accessories

While a new throw pillow here or there won’t break the bank, it can get costly if you want to replace all your current accessories and so it is a bigger project to tackle. If you have a good base to work with and your room are not in need of new furniture or a lick of paint, redecorate by focusing on the smaller details instead. Get rid of those old pillows and blankets, replace old lights with new fittings or change your rug.

Get a contrasting rug that will be the new focal point of the room, give your traditional home a contemporary twist by replacing non-descript lamps with geometric, rose gold fittings and freshen up a room with new vases, candle sticks and other decorative items. The possibilities are endless. Happy decorating!