London’s Cutest Winter Pop Up: The Winter Terrace at The Churchill

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There’s something a little bit special about winter; about getting all dressed up and cosy and braving the snow (she says hopefully) for a little Christmas shopping. In London, it also means a selection of cute and cosy pop ups, including the very special special Winter Terrace at The Churchill!

Designed with a vintage British theme in mind, the Winter Terrace at The Churchill is a haven on Portland Square, with heaters, hot water bottles and a delicious menu and cocktails!

I tend to find myself avoiding Oxford Street at the weekend; it’s so busy that it’s almost quite stressful. But somehow this weekend I’ve managed to arrange two lunch dates there – and they’ve both been in little, quiet havens in this area. You’d be forgiven for forgetting that the winter terrace at The Churchill is actually so close to London’s busiest street, as it’s so quiet and relaxing.

With cosy, personalised blankets, faux fur throws and even Mr Churchill himself, there’s been no thought spared turning this little part of London into a vintage, Narnia like terrace!

Last year, I visited with Andy for a perfect Christmas date, but this  year, it was time for a bit of girly fun with Elle. As always I was a touch early, so snuggled into my fur lined seat and gratefully accepted a hot water bottle to keep any hint of a chill away! With heaters, snuggly hot water bottles and more blankets than there are chairs, there’s no possibility of feeling the cold – even in mid-winter.

We had a gorgeous table at the end of the terrace, right beside the water fountain, giving us a view of the rest of the beautiful terrace!

Every little detail, from vintage posters, London street signs, down to this snow covered British red letter box has been thought of and adds to the cute, festive atmosphere at the Winter Terrace at The Churchill!  As Elle arrived our friendly waiter explained the menu to us, suggesting that we share some plates and fondue (which I wholeheartedly vouched for after our date last year!) as well as ordering some cocktails.

At the other end of the terrace, there’s a super sweet bench, and blooms that I wondered if I could subtly pop into my handbag! I’m ever so slightly obsessed with chalets and little log cabins, and so every detail at the winter terrace at The Churchill made my heart skip a little beat.

And possibly to book a log cabin getaway asap…

Having been to The Churchill before for cocktails, I was really excited to try the latest creations from this very talented team. They’ve created nine limited edition cocktails which reflect just some of Winston Churchill’s most memorable and impressive moments. For example, The Journalist (a tequlia based cocktail topped with candy floss!) celebrates Churchill’s Nobel Prize for Literature and his passion for writing.

London is so full of history and I really enjoyed that there’s a fun space where we can celebrate just a little bit of that history, as well as learning about one of Britain’s most famous politicians.

To cheers to elongating the weekend and making the most of a sunny Sunday in London, Elle ordered an Orchard Crusta, The Churchill’s twist on a Bellini, made with Granny Smith Apple, lychee and prosecco. A slightly acidic and all round delicious cocktail!

My surroundings rather took the better of me when it came to ordering my cocktail, and I couldn’t resist the Churchill’s Mulled Wine; made with Churchill LBV port, a full-bodied Rioja, Courvoisier
Exclusif VSOP Cognac and topped with a little sugar, cinnamon and lemon – it was a taste of Christmas in a glass!

When it came to ordering lunch, we were both in one mind: fondue! The smoked applewood cheddar and bacon fondue, served with fresh bread, new potatoes, pickles and grapes transported us to the slopes of the Alps!

The menu has been made, much like the cocktails, with a little Churchill inspiration. The chefs have added a few twists to his favourites, as shown in Churchill’s cookbook written by his personal chef Georgina Landemare.

Including these white truffle croque monsieur with honey wafer ham; which were indulgent and topped with a perfect cheese sauce.

Rounds of losing grapes, bread and potatoes in the cheesey deliciousness ensued…

As we talked about skiing holidays, potential far flung secondments and Christmas plans, we laughed our way through our fondue and croque monsieurs…

It’s an idea spot for escaping the Oxford Street madness and celebrating all those brand new purchases!

Though having sat beside those skis, I couldn’t quite get the idea of booking a ski holiday out of my head…

After all that fondue, we weren’t for leaving just yet and so had just one more cocktail!

For Elle, The Botanist – a Chase vodka based cocktail with basil, lemon and ginger – which she managed to convince herself was going to cure her cold with all that ginger as well as warming her insides!

And for me, a Blenheim Fizz, a cocktail named after Churchill’s former home. Made with Beluga vodka, lemon juice and topped with Pol Roger Champagne, it was a delicious cocktail to round off our lunch. But when it was time for Mr Churchill to get his hat and scarf out, it was time for us to head home.

Now that I’ve had my first mulled wine of the seasons, I’m already starting to fee a little festive – so is it time to start preparing that Christmas list yet?!

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