Lunch at Le Chef et Moi, Bruges

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The best part of our short weekend in Bruges was discovering lovely little places: restaurants with simple but delicious food, the most beautiful Hotel de Tuilerieen and chocolate box little streets… Oh, and chocolate… One of the restaurants we stumbled into was Le Chef et Moi, a restaurant serving simple, perfectly prepared cuisine in a perfect location. 

As we walked in I looked around and loved the pastel pink tones and ornate decoration that was all pulled together with clean white table clothes and a simple, rustic feel.  We asked for a table for two, since, though we had been recommended to visit Le Chef et Moi and it was right next to our hotel, we hadn’t actually reserved a table.  The helpful waitress told us that we were welcome to have the table under the window, but that the restaurant only served a set menu at lunch.

Happy to trust the menu du jour which sounded delicious, we sat by the window, watching the passers by (and appreciating the radiator we were lucky enough to be able to thaw out by!) The set menu can either be a two course or three course affair, and since we were indulging all weekend, we tried to be good and order only two courses!

To start we had a cured Italian meat salad, served with generous, thick shavings of parmesan, basil and delicious olive oil… It might sound simple, and it was, but with very fresh ingredients and perfectly cured meats, it made a wonderful, light starter.

As we enjoyed our carafe of wine (which definitely helped to thaw us from the bitter January cold!), we admired our really beautiful surroundings.  Rustic wooden tables topped with white table clothes, and a restaurant lined with candles… It was almost as if it was from a fairytale!

I think it was around this point that I realised that the restaurant name also reminded me of a fairytale… or a Disney film… And that perhaps, this romantic little name held a little bit of truth in it, since for all the time that we were enjoying our lunch, we only saw two restaurant staff: the lady who served us, and the chef who popped his head out…

For main course, we enjoyed perfectly cooked cod, served with pasta shells, broccoli and all served with a light cream sauce. The dish was seasoned wonderfully and plated on stunning, individual blue plates which made a lovely setting for the dish itself.

The chef let each ingredient speak for itself, but plated with a little nod to beauty – a nod that’s echoed throughout the restaurant.

Being good, we ordered coffee instead of dessert – but I couldn’t resist nibbling at this cinnamon, raisin loaf as I enjoyed my caffeine!

Gorgeous, simple food, and beautiful surroundings: Le Chef et Moi Bruges makes for an ideal lunch by the canals, or a romantic date night evening.

Le Chef et Moi
Dijver 13 – 8000 BRUGGE CENTRUM

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