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I’m not sure about you, but I absolutely love gift giving.  Thinking about what to buy, shopping to pick something really special, personal and often beautiful, wrapping it up and then giving it.  There’s something so nice about being able to celebrate friends and family no matter what the occasion – and Mother’s Day is no exception!

The White Company is a Hudson family favourite, and with every trip to London for Mum, and every trip home for me – there’s a visit to The White Company at some point. So it’s no surprise that I often look to them for some gift inspiration.

Their gift guides are curated with present ideas for no matter what you’d like to gift or what your price range is and so whether you want to buy ‘just a little something’ or something more exciting, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the perfect present! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, The White Company are focusing on more thoughtful gift giving this year in their Mother’s Day gift guide.

Flowers for spring, or for Mother’s Day, are definitely not unique, but they do make a beautiful gift.  With that in mind, The White Company hosted a wonderful event last week to teach a small group of us how to plant succulent planters, put bunches of flowers together, and how to tie beautiful bouquets to make flowers a much more thoughtful gift.

The lovely florists from Philippa Craddock joined as we sipped prosecco in the stunning Marylebone The White Company flagship store, to teach us either how to plant succulents or style bouquets.

In my family, it’s my parents who have the green fingers! They have the most beautiful cottage garden at home… Whereas I have to text my parents every time I buy a plant (with photos!) asking how to keep it alive! So learning how to plant something beautiful was really special for me, and would make an ideal gift for Mother’s Day for my Mum.

As we were talked through how to design, arrange, and plant our beautiful Earthenware Large Planters, I couldn’t help but let my eye wander… As Andy, my parents and my bank account will tell you, The White Company is more than a small addiction for me (she says wearing her favourite White Company slippers under my White Company throw…)

I know that for my Mum, frames are always a lovely gift, and so my eye immediately wandered to those, but there was just so much more. Gorgeous nightwear or jewellery… (and the Savoy white-navy bed linen if anyone fancies giving me a belated birthday present…)

If you’re interested in planting your own succulent planter for Mother’s Day, here are some top tips…

1. Make sure your planter is lined with a layer of plastic to make sure the soil definitely doesn’t damage your planter.

2. Wear a beautiful apron at all times to save your clothes..!

3. Arrange your succulents in the planter when they’re still in their pots to perfect your design without having to move the plants too much.

4. Layer your planter with about an inch of soil before planting.

5. Make sure your succulents are tightly packed and cosy with other succulents and soil before finishing.

6. Only water your planter very week or two, and try to avoid the leaves when you do!

A planter that you’ve designed and planted is so much more thoughtful than a plant or planter from the florist, and I’m sure that any Mum would be delighted to receive it next weekend.

But if you’re looking for some other gifts, here are my top tips…

The cashmere bed socks, to give Mum that treat that she might not give herself…

The breakfast in bed tray, ’cause Mum doesn’t just deserve breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day…

And a beautiful frame for her to keep a picture of her lovely children nearby.

But if none of my suggestions are quite what you’re looking for for you Mum, I’m sure that The White Company Mother’s Day gift guide will give you some inspiration! To all the mothers who are thoughtful every day, let’s give them a gift that is even just as little bit as thoughtful!

I was a guest of The White Company for this evening.

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