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Have you ever wondered what the home of a digital designer and self-proclaimed plant addict might look like? Well wonder no more, jungalistas… it looks like straight up HEAVEN! We know because we were lucky enough to get a peek into the home of Ron Goh (and are seriously considering moving in!). Ron’s love of plants and eye for design are reflected so beautifully in his New Zealand penthouse. Ron’s layering of vintage goodies and collectables also have us swooning over here. We caught up with Ron to find out more about his life, style, and home.

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your home with.
I’m originally from Penang, a small island located in Malaysia. I moved to New Zealand when I was 23 years old to pursue my dream of beginning a career living independently in a different country by myself. I’m currently a digital designer and a plant addict. I live with my partner and two dogs, one mini schnauzer, Teddy, and one chihuahua, Ninny.

Tell us about your home. 
Our place used to be a factory from the 1920s through to the 1990s, when it was converted to a small set of apartments. Each apartment is very different in size and layout, and we were lucky enough to have been able to purchase the penthouse! There are two levels with an open plan kitchen/dining/living area downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. We get great views out to the city and also to the harbour bridge, and being up at the top allows us to enjoy all day sun.

What is your favorite room in your home?
The spacious, sun-filled living room is definitely my favourite place to relax and spend time. The room has been designed with light as the focus, with sunlight streaming in from sunrise to sunset. High ceilings and white walls maximise the living space creating an airy atmosphere, perfect for the contrasting greens and earthen tones of the polished wooden floors, which are the original factory floors complete with barrel stains and oil marks. We are lucky enough to have french doors facing north-east, allowing the morning sun to stream through. Facing north we have four frosted casement windows, allowing constant illumination of the space with filtered light. Finally facing north-west, four large sections of the wall have been filled with glass bricks, allowing light from the sunset to continue lighting the room.

What do you do to bring good vibes into your home?
Character items, like well loved and used furniture and seats, make people feel comfortable right away. Items with history and a story to tell that I pick up from morning markets accentuate the room, so there’s always a lot to see and discuss. The greenery and the all day sun help really brighten and freshen the space, and we’ve had several comments about the plants filtering and cleaning the air – a definite benefit!

How is your lifestyle reflected in your home decor?
I think the fact I am into plants is really reflected in my home decor. As an introvert, I really enjoy the time I spend in our home. Spending time looking after plants and styling the rooms is a great form of stress relief. I’m always trying to make our place comfy and homey, so every time I come back home I will feel relaxed and chilled out.

What inspires you?
I think travel really inspires my style a lot. I love cafe hopping and visiting beautiful places.

What is your astrological sign?
I’m the kindest scorpio.

If you want to see more of Ron’s beautiful boho home, you can follow him on Instagram at mrcigar. And let us know what favorite thing about Ron’s home and his story are!

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