Short visit to Dublin? 3 must visit places in Temple Bar area


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Short visit to Dublin? 3 must visit places in Temple Bar area

Nowadays it is way too easy to get lost among all of the comprehensive articles online that offer 20+ places to visit in Dublin, that realistically you would need a minimum of 7 day to even see half of them.But what about if you are paying a visit for a day or two and you just want to take it easy? Well, then this article is just for you. Here we offer 3 places you should visit during a short trip to Dublin that won’t break your bank and which will still give you that quick introduction to this famous city. All 3 venues that we are recommending are within walking distance, so no long trips and no bus fares for you.

Get to know the Temple Bar area

Temple bar is a busy riverside area filled with cobbled roads and lanes that offer an amazing selection of venues for food and music lovers. This area in itself is like a city within a city, you can easily spend a lot of time there and still have tons left to explore.

No need to look far for quality food

Temple bar area offers a fantastic selection of restaurants that withstood a test of time, but Bad Bobs is the place we recommend as a must go to. It will re-define your understanding of the most popular dishes like burgers, or even such starters as Chicken wings. It might sound promising, well, because…it is! A selection of beers on top of your meal might even make you consider visiting their rooftop bar where you might even spend the rest of the night enjoying yourself.

Shopping is on your mind?

Alternatively, if shopping is on your priority list, and you want to get your wardrobe filled with some goodies, Temple Bar area is the place for that too. Find a number of boutiques that will transform your looks and will make you feel brand new wherever you go. Re-define yourself with the Rebirth Of Cool clothing and footwear shop which stock such brands as Fred Perry, Penguin, FR. Martens, Brutus and much more. And if you know your clothing, these heritage brands have permanently changed the fashion industry back in the day for both men and women.

For those who don’t have much space in their backpack

There is a big part of travellers that are just collecting experiences more than anything else, so clothing might not be on their priority list, but quite often they collect smaller items that easily fit into their backpacks. If it sounds like we are describing you, then Lucy’s Lounge is the place you should check out. Find a large selection of well priced jewellery, cool wallets or even children toys to bring back to your loved ones.

Temple Bar is truly a fantastic place for food and shopping that will struggle to disappoint anyone. If you do decide to visit these places, and you do enjoy them, don’t forget to share this list with your friends!