This Just In: Ragmate

Retro Interior Design

by Sam Johnson 869 Views 0

What is that soft, fuzzy, funky goodness, you ask?! Oh, just the latest collection of Ragmate newness. Ragmate is a Finnish-based company founded by Martta Leskela, and staffed by Syrian women currently living and working in Turkey as refugees. These handmade rugs, wall coverings, and cushion covers aren’t just a great way to bring color, texture, and jungaliciousness into your home, they also tell a story of resilience and hope. Ragmate is the manifestation of Martta’s efforts, over a number of years, to provide sustainable opportunities for employment for female refugees.

Each piece is  handmade and requires a substantial investment of time, which means more job opportunities for more women. Currently, Ragmate employs about 25 women – many of whom are the sole earners for their displaced families. The strength and determination of these women is inspiring! The materials used to make Ragmate pieces are textiles and fabric that would otherwise be discarded by the fashion industry. Ragmate’s use of these materials not only gives the fabric and textiles new life, but it also reduces the amount of worldwide waste we create. We LOVE that!

If you’re as uplifted by the good juju Ragmate is putting out into the world as we are, check out their website  and keep up with them on Instagram to learn more!

Sara Rose