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Living in South London, whenever something new opens I’m usually one of the first to be excited about it.  So with the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station meaning that many new restaurants are opening, I was more than a little excited to see it! When I heard that Vivek Singh had opened a new Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea, Andy and I were really looking forward to visiting.

Fast forward to one weeknight evening (a new found pleasure!) and I wandered into the new development, enjoying the last of the early spring evening light, admiring the new hair salons, restaurants and watching people empty off the river boat, coming home after a day of work. Instead of my usual running-late-dashing-off-the-tube weeknight arrival, I was early for our dinner reservation and so stopped for a quick glass of wine and some people watching as I waited for Andy.

As we arrived at Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea I was immediately taken with the gorgeous interiors; a wonderful combination of rustic walls, industrial style stairs and wine racks, and stunning plush seating that extends all the way down both sides of the restaurant.

We were sat nestled into one of the cosy banquette style tables down one side, as we admired the restaurant and peered into the slightly open kitchen.  Our friendly waiter came to offer us a cocktail as we looked at the menu and settled in for what was going to be a lovely evening.

For me, a mango sour made with mango triple sec, Havana rum and lime which was a wonderfully refreshing start to the evening, and served in a gorgeous short cocktail glass.

Andy opted for a toast to last year’s Mexican adventure with his Mezcal Verdita, an Indian twist on classic sangria, made with fresh pineapple, chilli, black pepper, verjus, curry leaves and mezcal.

Served in two separate glasses in order to separate the pineapple juice and the mezcal, but best enjoyed together!

Vivek Singh, at Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea and his other restaurants, has a unique style of cooking Indian cuisine, whereby he marries Indian spices and flavours with Western techniques to create wonderful, moreish dishes.  Our waiter encouraged us to order a few starters to share between us, and never being one who needs encouragement to try as much of the menu as she can, Andy and I set to choosing a few dishes.

The tandoori chicken breast tikka, served with red chilli and fenugreek and corriander chutney was a firm favourite; full of flavour, with tender chicken and a light chutney to add even more spice.

The char-grilled pork rib with chilli honey glaze and curried yoghurt was equally as delicious; the meat fell off the bone and was perfect when paired with the yoghurt. In fact, I hadn’t had ribs cooked this way before but I would definitely order them again!

In a desire not just to enjoy the meat dishes on the menu, I insisted (much to Andy’s dismay at not being able to have another meat dish!) the pink aubergine cooked with sesame, tamarind and peanut crumble; soft aubergine with a slightly sweet taste – I could have had this dish again and again.

Finally, for a lighter taste, the ceviche of black bream with mango and pomegranate. Ideal for a palette cleansing dish in between our other starters.

We were fortunate enough to meet the chef himself in between courses, and heard all about his new menu and restaurant before he nipped back into the kitchen!

Decisions for main courses weren’t easy… And ended up being fish dishes for both of us.  Char-grilled pollock with yellow lentils and bitter melon chutney, which was perfectly prepared with creamy, lentils – and even better when eaten with naan bread!

Our other main was the king prawns in Bengali turmeric curry with ghee rice and spinach poriyal. Both served with a trio of yellow lentil, black lentil and chickpea dal, all of which I couldn’t get enough of.

Andy loved the duck liver tak-a-tak, but not being a liver fan it’s not a dish I tried.

And of course, not forgetting the heavenly naan bread. Light, crisp and yet still soft the garlic and peshwari naan breads were perfect for making sure that we had every last drop of our main courses! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to resist Cinnamon Kitchen’s peshwari naan… Having only been into the Cinnamon Kitchen in the city briefly for some drinks and nibbles, I think it’s about time that I made it for a full dinner – as well as to The Cinnamon Club, chef Vivek Singh’s fine dining restaurant.

There’s something so welcoming about Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea; a feeling of warmth and happiness that comes with being relaxed and surrounded by delicious food and friends, and it’s a feeling that makes me want to go back again and again.

Never being ones to turn down dessert, we decided to share the hot dark chocolate mousse served with cinnamon ice cream.

Moreish, just as chocolate-y as I wanted and with gorgeous creamy ice cream, it was an ideal way to finish what had been a wonderful meal – and an absolute treat of a weeknight evening!

Weeknight or weekend, Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea is somewhere that should be on your list, no matter whether you live north or south of the river!

Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea
4 Arches Lane
SW11 8AB

We attended a complimentary press night to celebrate the launch of Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea.

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